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Promote The Application Of PVB Multi-functional Membrane To The Field Of Photovoltaics, And Promote The PV Solar Panels To The World.

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Application advantage

PVB Double Glass PV Module , Select Fuying New Materkals!

Double glass module: the front and back two pieces of glass + photovoltaic cells are compounded by encapsulation film.

Traditional double glass module package: EVA+EVA, EVA+POE, POE+POE.
Jiaxing Fuying double glass module package: PVB+PVB.

  • Long Life Cycle

    The life cycle is longer, the warranty for ordinary modules is 25 years, and the warranty for double glass modules is 35 years.

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  • Low Attenuation

    The attenuation is low, the attenuation of the traditional module is about 0.7%, and the double glass module is 0.5%.

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  • Permeability

    The water permeability of glass is almost zero, and there is no need to consider the hydrolysis of PVB film induced by water vapor entering the module. ...

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  • Abrasion Resistance

    The wear resistance of the glass is very good, and it also solves the problem of wind and sand resistance of the components in the field...

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Jiaxing Fuying Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

PVB Double Glass PV Module, PV Solar Panels, Select Fuying New Materkals!

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    Exported to more than 30 countries.

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    We have more than 100 R&D personnel.

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    We have 4 production bases.

Jiaxing Fuying Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
The company is located in Tongxiang, the permanent site of the World Internet and the bridgehead of Zhejiang to Shanghai.
We are

China double glass modules manufacturers and custom PV solar panels factory

, The company is committed to building a composite functional film, PVB double glass photovoltaic module application demonstration, and promotion base, and a PVB research institute, forming a marketing center, industry conference center, product display, and a PVB composite functional film and photovoltaic product manufacturing base.

- Fuying mission: learn to grow and live a happy life.
- Development concept: green, low-carbon, recycling.
- Enterprise spirit: love, commitment, learning ability.
- Corporate Vision: To be a pioneer in the global industry.

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We Serve Our Clients With The Best Of Our Capacity!

Promote the application of PVB multifunctional film to the photovoltaic field, and promote the PV Solar Panel and other products to the world.

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    Our PV Solar Panels and other products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

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    Our Double Glass Module and other products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

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