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Transparent BIPV Solar Module Custom

PVB Double Glass PV Module, Select Fuying New Materkals!
Transparent BIPV Solar Module

Transparent BIPV Solar Module

Positive and negative double-sided power generation, the benefit can be increased by up to 30%

Glass replaces conventional backplane materials for better heat dissipation

PVB package, extremely low water vapor permeability

Fully symmetrical structure, no risk of cracking, no snail pattern

Very high "ammonia resistance, salt and alkali resistance" performance, no need to worry about corrosion

35-year line warranty, higher return on power plant investment

Variety of colors available

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9BB-166 Standard test conditions:AM1.5,E=1000W/m2,TC=25℃
Pmax 280W±3% Maximum system voltage 1500V
Tolerance range 0~5W Maximum system current 15-16A
Vpm 27.14V Operating temperature
Ipm 10.32A Cell type Monocrystalline silicon
Voc 32.68V±3% Weight (Kg) 25kg
Isc 10.99A±4% Specification (mm) 2089*1033*5.3
Transmittance 36%

Jiaxing Fuying Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Fuying Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the professional China transparent BIPV modules manufacturers, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZHEJIANG DECENT NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD. with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. The company is located in Tongxiang, the permanent site of the World Internet and the bridgehead of Zhejiang to Shanghai.

As a famous transparent BIPV modules suppliers, the company is committed to building a composite functional film, custom transparent BIPV modules, PVB double glass photovoltaic module application demonstration and promotion base, and a PVB research institute, forming a marketing center, industry conference center, product display, and a PVB composite functional film and photovoltaic product manufacturing base. Promote the application of PVB multi-functional membrane to the field of photovoltaics, and promote the products to the world.

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