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The Role Of Solar Panels Glass Material

    Mono solar panels glass products are mostly made of double-layer tempered glass to facilitate good light transmission. In addition, the polysilicon cells arranged in the middle of the glass are also very important. They are arranged and pressed in the middle of the double-layer glass. Black, yellow and other colors, this color silicon chip is mainly for the selection and utilization of color beauty on the building curtain wall

    After installing the solar cells on the edge of the glass, a mixed paint is applied to the surface of the glass. After the paint absorbs sunlight, it transmits the light at different wavelengths to the solar cells installed on the edge of the glass.

    The panel glass is composed of low-iron glass, solar panels, film, back glass, special metal wire, etc. It seals the solar cell between a piece of low-iron glass and a piece of back glass through film and is the most novel High-tech glass product for construction.

    Low-iron glass is used to cover the solar cells to ensure more light transmission and generate more electricity. The tempered low-iron glass has higher strength and can withstand greater wind pressure and greater temperature difference between day and night.

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