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The Main Application Market of PVB Film

   At present, most PVB is used in the production of safety glass in the construction and automobile industry, and a small part is used in photovoltaic materials, paints, glues, dyes, and other materials. Since the PVB film industry requires large capital investment, mature technology, and an integrated raw material production process, the entry threshold is relatively high.

1. Automotive industry

  PVB film is mainly used on the safety glass of automobiles. Safety standards in the automotive industry are strict, so safety glass is in high demand. In addition to being used on car windshields, PVB films can also be used on side windows. Removable side windows must be very durable, most movable glass materials are still brittle, and automotive rear windows are moving towards this trend.

2. Construction industry

  PVB film is embedded in safety glass as interlayer material, mainly used in office buildings. Although glass made of ionomers is currently on the market, it is only aimed at special users, mainly for hurricane-resistant windows. Better sound insulation and its resistance to wear and heat are driving the demand for safety glass.

3. Photovoltaic market

  PVB films are mainly used as sealing materials in photovoltaic panels. Photovoltaic panels are characterized by a long lifespan, generally up to 20 years. The encapsulant can hold the surface of the solar cell and photovoltaic panel firmly together so that the photovoltaic cell can maintain its performance under high temperatures and strong ultraviolet radiation. At present, there are two main types of encapsulants for photovoltaic panels—elastomers and thermoplastics.

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