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The Importance Of Photovoltaic Power Generation Components

     In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's photovoltaic power generation industry, various forms of distributed photovoltaic power generation applications are being encouraged all over the country. Make full use of qualified building roofs (including auxiliary idle sites) resources, and encourage development zones and large industrial and commercial enterprises with large roof areas, heavy electricity loads, and high grid power supply prices to take the lead in developing photovoltaic power generation applications.

    In May of this year, the Lanzhou photovoltaic power station in Gansu used monocrystalline PV solar panel components far beyond the normal service life of photovoltaic power stations - 25 years. Not only that but after testing, the current component attenuation of this power station is mostly kept below 20%, which is within expectations.

    To this end, Li Shimin, deputy director of the Photovoltaic Professional Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, chairman of the Gansu New Energy Association, and Gansu Natural Energy Institute, said: "The safe and stable operation of this photovoltaic power station proves that even the technology of 30 or 40 years ago, the photovoltaic power station can still run stably for 30 to 40 years, or even longer."

    Citing Weike.com, the quality of the early domestic components is no worse than that of foreign manufacturers, the conversion efficiency is no lower than theirs, and the attenuation is no higher than theirs.

     In the photovoltaic industry, high-efficiency modules can greatly reduce the floor space and space, helping to promote the large-scale application of photovoltaics and the reduction of kWh. In addition, an important reason for the good operation of a power station is that the photovoltaic modules must have good reliability. Related operation and maintenance work plus reliable photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic power plants can maintain long-term stability and work efficiently.

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