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The Characteristics Of These All The Way To Develop Automotive Film

    Dyeing film is the first generation product, commonly known as tea paper, which is characterized by strong shading and easy installation;

    The metal reflective film is the second generation product. It uses a new type of viscose and a thicker film to improve the explosion-proof effect. It has certain heat insulation and sun protection properties. The heat insulation rate is between 20% and 60%, and the UV protection is 80 %.

    Then there is the heat-absorbing film. Compared with the first two automotive films, the UV blocking rate of this film is increased to 90%-100%, the infrared blocking rate is increased to about 30%-95%, and the adhesiveness of the adhesive is stronger. , so as to achieve the effect of reducing the thickness of the film and improving the explosion-proof performance. But this membrane is harmful to the human body.

    PVB film has good safety, preventing the glass from being broken by external force and the fragments splashing and hurting people. In addition, it has sound insulation, anti-ultraviolet can be made into color or high transparency, and has optical application value. It has been used in building curtain wall glass for 70 years. In the automotive and construction industry regulations, PVB film is required for safety protection. In recent years, with the improvement of people's requirements for energy saving and environmental protection, the solar photovoltaic market is changing with each passing day, and the demand for photovoltaic grade PVB film is becoming more and more obvious.

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