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Solar Cells In Photovoltaic Modules

    According to the different materials used, solar cells can be divided into silicon solar cells, multi-component thin-film solar cells, polymer multilayer modified electrode solar cells, nanocrystalline solar cells, organic solar cells, and plastic solar cells, of which silicon solar cells are The most mature and dominant in the application. One of the monocrystalline silicon solar panels is one of the photovoltaic modules.

    Photovoltaic modules generally refer to solar cell modules, which are composed of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells, ultra-white cloth-textured tempered glass, EVA, transparent TPT backplane, and aluminum alloy frame. Photovoltaic modules have the characteristics of long service life and strong mechanical resistance to external forces. The structural forms of conventional solar cell modules are as follows: glass shell-type structure, bottom box type module, flat plate type module, and full glue sealing module without a cover plate.

    The solar cell module has the characteristics of high photoelectric conversion efficiency and high reliability. Advanced diffusion technology ensures the uniformity of conversion efficiency throughout the chip; ensures good electrical conductivity, reliable adhesion, and good electrode solderability.


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