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Mutual Achievements of BIPV and BIPV Solar Panels

  BIPV and building solar are mutually successful two. BIPV can constitute BIPV solar panels in clean energy power generation, which can install solar energy from otherwise unused space. And solar panels can use BIPV for higher efficiency power generation and more diverse appearance styles.

  Traditional solar panels come in two main forms - amorphous solar and crystalline solar. Crystal glass looks closer to what most people think when they picture solar panels. Standard solar panels usually have an aluminum frame and a plain white or black back sheet. The back sheet forms an opaque product that does not transmit light. Crystallized glass solar cells are arranged in a piece of transparent glass. Whereas, bifacial modules are solar panels with transparent back sheets that generate electricity from the backside and are a form of crystalline photovoltaics that can be used in many solar design applications.

  Crystalline BIPV solar energy is more efficient than amorphous silicon and should be used if maximizing solar power generation is required. The unique appearance of crystal glass also makes it desirable for many design applications.

  Amorphous silicon looks like regular glass, except it generates electricity. The glass can be made darker to generate more electricity, or brighter to allow more light to pass through. And can form green, blue, bronze, and more solar energy systems.

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