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Here is how to systematically maintain the solar BIPV Module.

  Nowadays, many people choose solar photovoltaic power generation for electricity consumption at home. The use of photovoltaic power generation is not only clean and environmentally friendly, but also saves energy on electricity bills and makes money by selling electricity. We all know that photovoltaic power plants are high-quality, high-value, and demanding products. The correct use method can not only ensure the power generation of the power station, but also ensure that it has a long service life. Therefore, maintenance after installation of the power station is particularly important.

  1. The surface of the photovoltaic module should be kept clean. Use a dry or damp soft and clean cloth to wipe the photovoltaic module. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the photovoltaic module with corrosive solvents or hard objects. The photovoltaic modules should be cleaned when the irradiance is lower than 200W/㎡. It is not advisable to clean the modules with liquids that have a large temperature difference with the modules.

  2. Photovoltaic modules should be inspected regularly. If the following problems are found, they should be adjusted or replaced immediately. Photovoltaic modules have broken glass, scorched backplanes, and obvious color changes; there are bubbles in the photovoltaic modules that form communication channels with the edges of the modules or any circuits; the junction boxes of photovoltaic modules are deformed, twisted, cracked or burned, and the wiring terminals are not in good condition get in touch with.

  3. The live warning mark on the photovoltaic module must not be lost.

  4. For photovoltaic modules with metal frames, the frame and the support should be well combined, the contact resistance between the two should not be greater than 4Ω, and the frame must be firmly grounded.

  5. When working under the condition of no shade, under the condition that the solar irradiance is above 500W/㎡ and the wind speed is not more than 2m/s, the temperature difference of the outer surface of the same photovoltaic module (area directly above the battery) should be less than 20℃. Photovoltaic power plants with installed capacity greater than 50kWp should be equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature differences on the outer surface of photovoltaic modules.

  6. Use a DC clamp-type ammeter to measure the input current of each photovoltaic module string connected to the same DC combiner box under the condition that the solar radiation intensity is basically the same. The deviation should not exceed 5%.

  7. All bolts, welds and connections of the bracket should be firm and reliable, and the surface anti-corrosion coating should not crack or fall off, otherwise it should not be brushed in time.

  9. For the solar cell phalanx bracket with the polar axis automatic tracking system, the mechanical and electrical performance of the tracking system should be checked regularly.

  10. Regularly check whether the metal bracket of the solar cell array is corroded, and regularly paint the bracket with anti-corrosion treatment. The phalanx support should be well grounded.

  11. During use, the photoelectric parameters and output power of the solar cell array should be tested regularly (such as 1 to 2 months) to ensure the normal operation of the solar cell array.

  12. During use, check the packaging and connection joints of solar photovoltaic modules regularly (such as 1 to 2 months). If there is water in the package, discoloration of the battery, loose joints, disconnection, corrosion, etc., repairs in time Or replace.

  13. It is necessary to keep the lighting surface of the solar photovoltaic module square array clean. If dust accumulates, it can be cleaned with a clean wire duster. If there is dirt that can't be cleaned off, you can rinse it with clean water, and then use a clean cloth to wipe off the stains. Do not clean with corrosive solvents or wipe with hard objects. Clean up in time when snow accumulates.

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