PVB Double Glass PV Module, Select Fuying New Materkals!


Let me share with you the maintenance and maintenance of the DOUBLE GLASS BIPV Module!

  Components require regular inspection and maintenance, especially during the warranty period. In order to ensure that the components can reach the maximum

  For better performance, Jinko recommends the following maintenance measures:

  1. Visual inspection

  Please carefully check the components for appearance defects. Focus on the following points:

  a) The double-glass corner protector is used as the transportation protection part, without appearance control, the customer chooses to disassemble or keep it;

  b) Whether the component glass is damaged;

  c) Whether any sharp objects touch the surface of the module;

  d) Whether the components are blocked by obstacles or foreign objects;

  f) Whether there is corrosion near the grid line of the cell. This corrosion situation is due to the

  It is damaged during installation or transportation, causing water vapor to penetrate into the inside of the module.

  g) Check whether the fixing screws between the component and the bracket are loose or damaged, and adjust or repair them in time.

  2. Clean

  a) The accumulation of dust or dirt on the surface of the module will reduce the output of power generation. As far as possible, perform regular cleaning once a year

  (The specific interval depends on the conditions of the installation site). When cleaning, use a soft cloth, dry or

  It can be wet. It is not recommended to use mineral water for cleaning to avoid leaving dirt on the glass surface.

  b) Under no circumstances should materials with rough surfaces be used for component cleaning.

  c) In order to reduce potential electric shock or burns, Jinko recommends early morning or late afternoon when the light is not strong and the temperature of the components is low.

  Clean the photovoltaic modules at a later time, especially in areas with higher temperatures.

  d) Do not try to clean photovoltaic modules with broken glass or exposed wires, which will cause electrical damage.

  The danger of hitting.

  e) Do not use chemicals when cleaning the components, so as not to affect the quality assurance and energy output of the components.

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