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Comparison of BAPV and BIPV

    For the technical requirements of photovoltaic buildings, the first one is safety. There are several factors to pay special attention to the first is fire safety; there is also a waterproof and leak-proof, which actually has a lot of subdivisions. BIPV module has better waterproof performance than traditional BAPV.

    There are two types of BAPV, one is similar to the traditional component installed on the cement roof with the bracket scheme, but the other field is the industrial plant, especially the field of color steel tiles BAPV. The huge pain point of BAPV comes from the fact that we thought it would not leak before we installed it, but after installing PV, it will leak. Because between this traditional industrial-grade BAPV bracket solution and this aluminum-zinc-coated steel plate, one is aluminum alloy material and the other is aluminum-zinc-coated material, they will naturally undergo chemical reactions and accelerate Its aging will accelerate its corrosion. Maybe the roof itself will have corrosion places, but through this acceleration, the entire corrosion area will be greatly accelerated, then there will be a lot of water leakage points. This hidden danger has to be removed.

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