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Basic Structure And Composition Of Photovoltaic Modules

    A typical photovoltaic module consists of solar cells, back sheets, photovoltaic glass, junction boxes, frames, packaging materials, etc. The encapsulation film material is located between the optical glass and the solar cell, which can bond the solar cell, the copper-tin soldering tape, the back plate, the optical glass, etc., and is an important part of the optical module. Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) encapsulation films in photovoltaic cells are thermoset and tacky films. Traditional EVA film has special advantages in adhesion, durability, optical properties, etc., so it is widely used in photovoltaic modules and various optical products. Now there are multifunctional PVB films.

    The backplane is a single-glass photovoltaic module with plastic and glass on the front. It mainly uses EVA encapsulation film. Because it is non-sticky at room temperature, it is melt-bonded and cross-linked and cured under certain conditions, and it is completely transparent. After bonding with glass, the glass can be improved. The light transmittance plays a role in penetration.

    Double-sided glass double-glass photovoltaic modules, POE (ethylene-octane olefin) film is a commonly used packaging material on the market. Compared with EVA film, POE film has better properties such as safety and aging resistance. However, this material is 30%-50% higher than EVA film.

    The thickness of the double-glass PV module glass has now dropped from 2.5mm to 2.0mm, and it is expected to drop to 1.6mm in the future. As the glass thickness of double-glass photovoltaic modules decreases, EVA film can also seal the frame of double-glass modules. In the future, EVA film will be widely used in double-glass modules.

    Qualified photovoltaic modules are required to maintain the maximum output power of 80% of the initial value after 25 years of outdoor work, effectively resisting external impact. Therefore, in order to prolong the life of photovoltaic modules, packaging materials are added to the modules for packaging protection.


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