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Applications Of Solar Panels - Photovoltaic Modules

    After a certain combination of solar panels, a group of photovoltaic cells that achieve a certain rated output power and output voltage are called photovoltaic modules. According to the size and scale of photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic modules can form arrays of various sizes.

    Photovoltaic modules are composed of a certain number of photovoltaic cells connected in series and parallel by wires and packaged, mainly including cells (usually 60 or 72), interconnecting bars, bus bars, photovoltaic glass, film, backplane, aluminum frame, junction box, and other core components. Photovoltaic modules are divided into crystalline silicon modules and thin-film modules, among which crystalline silicon modules account for 90%-95% of the total photovoltaic modules due to the high power generation of a single module, and thin-film modules only account for about 5%-10%.

    Crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules can be divided into double-glass modules and single-glass modules according to the back material. Most of the back-sheet materials of single-glass modules are opaque composite materials (TPT, TPE, etc.), and single-glass modules are still the mainstream. The double-glass module uses glass to replace the composite backplane of the single-glass module, and both sides are encapsulated by the glass. Compared with single-glass modules, double-glass modules have a longer life cycle, stronger weather resistance, and corrosion resistance, lower attenuation than ordinary modules; higher power generation efficiency, both front and back power generation capabilities, and the back side can accept reflected light from the surrounding environment, The scattered light is converted into electrical energy, and the double-sided module can increase the power generation by 10%-30% according to different ground environments. Long service life is guaranteed even in the harshest environments. The installation and erection of the components are very convenient. A waterproof junction box is installed on the back of the module, through which it can be easily connected to the external circuit. For each solar cell module, a service life of more than 20 years is guaranteed.


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