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PVB Film has been developed and produced since the 1920s, and is now widely used in laminated glass. It has the advantages of high transparency and impact resistance. Therefore, the construction industry, the automobile industry, and even the military (aircraft, artillery) industry also use PVB film. With the development of various industries, the requirements for PVB film are getting higher and higher, and the demand is also increasing. So how is PVB film made?

  The main material of PVB film is PVB resin. Put raw materials and auxiliary materials (plasticizers, etc.) into the molding system in proportion to melt extrusion and molding, and then use pure water to cool the formed PVB film, preheat and calender and then cool, and pack into storage in slices.

  The safety glass produced by using all-resin PVB film has better optical properties, higher light transmittance and lower haze, so that the finished glass has higher transparency. If laminated glass is made with multiple layers of PVB, the advantage of all-resin PVB will be It will be more obvious. Secondly, the yellowing value of the film is very low, and the film is whiter, so that the finished glass will not be yellowish, suitable for ultra-white laminated glass.

  The all-resin film has higher durability, can withstand the sun and rain, and will not cause undesirable phenomena such as degumming, air bubbles, and aging after long-term use.

  The raw material is the main element that affects the light transmittance and durability of PVB film. Because our film is made of all resin, the polymer material in the film is not easy to age, which greatly improves the purity of the production material.

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